Date: 2013-11-11


Three Taiwanese jewelry designers have ousted 1,300 other participants to win top honors at the 2013 ITAMI International Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition in Japan.

Now in its eighth year, the international crafts show is one of the oldest of its kind in Asia. Taiwan’s Yeh Wen-miao (葉玟妙), Chen Ying-hsiu (陳映秀) and Wu ching-chih (吳竟銍) were announced to be recipients of the top, second and fourth prizes at the biennial event.

The three works, Yeh’s “The Space 2013,” Chen’s “Sketch Series - Seashell XXI-XXVII” (寫生系列-貝殼XXI-XXVII) and Wu’s “Yellow Square” were chosen from submissions from 15 countries and regions around the world.

Two other Taiwanese jewelers, Su Hsiao-ting (蘇筱婷) and Kao Chia-liang (高嘉良), were included among the creators of 96 works selected for display at the exhibition. 

Japanese jewelry designer Shunichiro Nakashima, one of the ITAMI judges, said he was impressed by the jewelry pieces designed by Taiwanese participants and that many of their works display dynamic forms with precise perfection.

Earlier this year, two of the top ITAMI awardees, Chen and Yeh, beat nearly 700 jewelry professionals and designers to be honored at the Munich-based 2013 Schmuck Jewelry Show in Germany.

The 2013 ITAMI crafts award ceremony will be held at Japan’s Museum of Arts & Crafts on Nov. 16, and the Ministry of Culture will hold a press conference in Taipei to honor Yeh and Chen on Nov. 23.

Taiwanese designers win Japan's top jewelry competition
“The Space 2013” by Yeh Wen-miao (葉玟妙).
Taiwanese designers win Japan's top jewelry competition
“Sketch Series - Seashell XXI-XXVII” by Chen Ying-hsiu (陳映秀).
Taiwanese designers win Japan's top jewelry competition
“Yellow Square” by Wu ching-chih (吳竟銍).
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