Ching-Chih WU being a residence artist in Sculpture studio at Anderson Ranch Art Center in 2013 and Artist resident at Glasgow School of art 2014-2015 . Working in the field of metalwork, sculpture and enamel jewelry design. From the school he hold many solo exhibitions US, Taiwan , Hong Kong, South Korea, Netherland and Beijing . Ching-Chih WU gradually turned away from demonstrating skills to questing for creative content and transcendental meanings. His art works has already transcendental the traditional metalworking framework. His signature is establishing though combing enamel to break through the restrictions from metalworking techniques and concepts. His works also turned from small accessory to spatial sculpture. He began to approach in a more subtle way to make his sentiments well expressed throughout. Ching-Chih WU was awarded the first prize since 2013 to 2016 in Japan,Lithuania, Italy, Taiwan. Ching-Chih WU is one of most anticipated young Taiwanese artists in modern accessory field and sculpture object. Works collected in US, Japan, Netherland, South Korea, Italy, China, HK at museum and pravite. He found the CTEAA(Chinese Taipei Enamel assocation of arts) and CC Gallery in Taiwan. Devote to promote various applied art.  


吳竟銍在2013年時於美國安德森牧場中心雕塑工作室駐村,並在2014-2015時於英國哥拉斯哥藝術學院駐校。創作領域於金屬工藝、雕塑、琺瑯與首飾設計。自學校起以舉辦多數的個展,例如美國、香港、韓國、荷蘭、北京與台灣等。吳竟銍試圖找出技術與想法間的平衡,藉由琺瑯的媒材創作,詮釋大眾對於傳統金屬工藝的框架。在他的創作中從小型的首飾至大型的雕塑,透過細膩的情感表現出來。2013-2016年吳竟銍在日本、立陶宛、義大利等獲得過多次首獎,可說是日前在游走在首飾與雕塑間,有潛力的新銳藝術家之一。典藏作品:美國、日本、荷蘭、韓國、義大利、中國、香港等美術館與私人收藏。創立中華琺瑯藝術協會與CC Gallery藝文空間,致力於推廣應用藝術