吳竟銍 中文履歷



The president of CTEAA ,Taiwan

The curator of CC Gallery , Taiwan

Metal-smith/Craft Making Lecturer ,NTUA ,Taiwan.

Fu Jen Catholic University Metal-smith/enameling Lecturer


2014-2015 The Glasgow School of Art,UK

2013 Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO ,US  


2016 Glass and Jewlery award ,CSU,Kaoushing,Taiwan2014 Glass and Jewlery award ,CSU,Kaoushing,Taiwan

2015 Taoyuan government ,Taiwan

2015 Glass and Jewlery award ,CSU,Kaoushing,Taiwan

2014-2016 At unversity

Workshop & Lecture experience

2017 Cloisonne enameling workshop, obellery studio, HK

2016 Plique-a-jour enamel workshop, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute ,Nanto,Taiwan 

2016 Plique-a-jour enamel workshop, obellery studio, HK

2016 NTCRI speech,Taiwan

2015 Fu Jen Catholic University speech,Taiwan

2015 NTCRI speech,Taiwan

2015 Cheng Shiu University workshop lecturer,Taiwan

2014 Plique-a-jour enamel workshop lecturer, JinWen University of Science & Technology,Taipei,Taiwan 

2014 Plique-a-jour enamel workshop lecturer, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute ,Nanto,Taiwan 

2014  Metal-smith/Contemporary jewelry design/Enamelling  Lecturer, The Dahan Institute of Technology,Hualien,Taiwan.

2013-14 Metal-smith/Enamelling Lecturer,NHCUE,Hsinchu,Taiwan.

2009 Enamelling a month workshop Lecturer,National Golden museum,Taipei,Taiwan.

2007~ Contemporary Art Lecturer,pravited studio,Taiwan


2013  M.F.A. of Institute of Crafts and Design, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

2009  B.F.A. of Institute of Crafts and Design, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition

2016 Pollen cluster Wu Ching Chih solo exhibtion,A1 Gallery,Taipei 

2016 Loot Jewelry solo stand ,MAD MUSEUM,NY,US

2016 The Tangible Entity of Imagination” -Ching-Chih,Wu’s solo exhibition , Obellery Jewelry, HK

2015 Fashion in style Beijing Expo solo stand.Beijing,China

2015 “NEON “-Ching-Chih,Wu’s Jewelry solo exhibition, S gallery Korea

2015 The forest of microscopy -Ching-Chih,Wu’s solo exhibition,CC Gallery, New Taipei city,Taiwan

2015 Creative Expo Taiwan solo stand,Taipei Taiwan.

2014 "Wearable sculpture"-Ching-Chih,Wu’s solo exhibition” MadL2 Gallery, Taipei, National Taiwan.

2014 “Wearable sculpture"-Ching-Chih,Wu’s solo exhibition” River life space, Kaohsiung, National Taiwan.

2014 "SIERAAD Art Fair, international jewellery design fair"Amsterland

2014 “In between-Ching-Chih,Wu’s Contemporary jewelry solo exhibition” sponsored by Ze Gallery, Hsinchu, National Taiwan.

2013 “Virtual and Reality-Ching-Chih,Wu’s Contemporary jewelry solo exhibition” sponsored by the King Car Art Center, Taipei, National Taiwan.

2013 “Extreme Wearable-Ching-Chih,Wu’s solo exhibition” Anderson Ranch Art Center, Flat Gallery, CO,US

Honor and Awards

2017Selected for Triennial of Kogei in Kanazawa, Japan.

2016 Selected for the end of the third international contemporary metal art biennial "METALLOphone,AV17 gallery,Lithuania

2015 Grand award for the Arts&Crafts Design Award"Gernany

2015 Under Fire is live"by Enamel Guild North East online award, Enamel association od US, US

2015 Conceptual of Third Prix for V INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE OF ENAMELL ART VILNIUS, Vilnius

2015 Honored Award for The 2015 Cheongju International craft biennale Honored Award,Korea

2015 Young Talents Award,Creative Expo Taiwan 2015,Taipei,Taiwan

2015 Grand Prix Awards for The 28th International Cloisonne Jewelry Contest" The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO,Tokyo,Japan

2014 Grand Prix Awards for  "Aritistar Jewels Exhibition,Milano,Italy

2014 Special award for "Korea New Art Festiva",Korea

2014 Jurors award for  "Craftforms 2014",PA,USA 

2014 First prix for "Itami international craft comeptitiom",Itami,Japan

2014 SELECTED for "Autor11" International Contemporary Jewelry Fair,Romania

2014 SELECTED for TOP Jewels National Jewelry Design Exhibition,US

2014 SELECTED for Gioielli in Fermento Jewelry,Italy

2014 SELECTED Taiwan culture young artist award, ,New Taipei city ,Taiwan

2014 SELECTED for "Escape Permanent Selection" jewelry exhibition in Alliage Gallery,France

2013 SELECTED for the National Metal Crafts Competition, New Taipei city ,Taiwan

2013 Honorable Mention for the The 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition , Cheongju,Korea

2013 Juror’s award of Enamelist Society Student Exhibition, Alchemy2,US

2013 SELECTED for the Ubi Top Young 2013 exhibition, Beijing,China


2013 Selected for CraftForms The 19th International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Craft,US

2013 Gallery of Goldsmith Guild Meno Niša – "Gold Angel Award pin MAGĖ" with diamond for the V INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE OF ENAMELL ART VILNIUS, Vilnius

2013 First Prize for the 2013 Taiwan Craft Comeptition Innovative design, Taipei City Government

2013 selected for the Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial, Beijing

2012 PRESIDENT AWARD for “The Japan Enameling Artist Association Exhibition”, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Two works SELECTED for “The 11th International Juried Enamel Exhibition “sponsored by the Northern California Enamel Guild, US

2012 Selected for CraftForms The 18th International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Craft,US

2011 THIRD-GRADE AWARD for the National Taiwan crafts Award, Taipei City Government

2010 SELECTED for the Changhua County Cultural Affairs Bureau Award, Taipei City Government

2009 SELECTED for the PINGTUNG COUNTY Award, Taipei City Government

Group Exhibitions

2017 EAYJ_ Artist Jewellry group show,gallery Baum, Korea

2017 Tea party of Spring vase froup show,gallery life od seeding,Taipei.

2016 Formosa art show,Taipei,Taiwan

2016 Bio Apartment Vol.3 artist group exhibition,Taiwan Geological Museum

2016 PRO C artist joint show,CC Gallery, Taiwan

2016 Taiwan creative expo,Taipei,Taiwan

2016 True Blue, an exhibition of contemporary jewelry exhibition/The Baltimore Jewelry Center,US

2015 黃子佼個人展《2016 Hi 2015 BYE》/Taiwan

2015 “LIVE”Internationl Jewelry exhibition tour,CC Gallery, Nichée h.Jewellry,Taiwan

2015「這城˙那事」North Taiwan of 8 cities artists group show,Taiwan

2015「天工」International Contemporary Craft show,Taiwan

2015 International Craft new designer joint show”preal of crown” 冠冕上的珍珠Taiwan

2015 Taiwan craft movement International award selected joint exhibition,Taiwan

2015 Kaohsuing Art Fair,THZ Gallery, Taiwan

2015 Winters Breath | Exhibition,Putti gallery, Lativia

2015 Love is ____ |International object and jewelry exhibition, Pins studio, Taiwan,HK

2015 Hundred of flower artists exhibition, Taichung,Taiwan

2015 Joyería Contemporánea jewelry fair,Barcelona

2015 Nothing is what we see jewelry exhibiton,Gallery Doux, Korea

2015 Permanent 2015 Jewelry show, Alliages gallery, France

2015 Bio Apartment Vol.2 artist group exhibition,Taiwan Geological Museum

2015 The 8rd Xiaman Creative Expo,Xiaman,China

2015 The 33rd Korea Enamel of association invite exhibition,Korea

2014 "Light-earring show",BMF Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

2014 "Yearbook 2014"Anuario de Joyería Contemporánea / Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook,Barcelona

2014 "Autor11" International Contemporary Jewelry Fair,Romania

2014 "Dream of Flora"Chien,Yu-Jen/Wu, Ching-Chih Group Exhibition,Regent hotel,Taipei,Taiwan

2014 "Escape Permanent Selection" jewelry exhibition,France

2014 "Young Artist Group Show",Taipei,Taiwan

2014 Taiwanes Contemporary Jewelry towards the Future joint exhibition,Taipei,Taiwan

2013 Ubi Top Young 2013 jewelry exhibition, Beijing,China

2013 The Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial, Beijing, China

2012 “The Japan Enamelling Artist Association Exhibition”, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum ,Tokyo Japan.

2012 “The 11th International Juried Enamel Exhibition “sponsored by the Northern California Enamel Guild, US

2012 “CRAFRFORM 2012 CRAFT EXHIBITIONS” sponsored by the Wayne Art Center, US.

2012 “Complexity -Craft Art in Multiple Materials” by the Presidential Office Art Gallery, Taipei, National Taiwan.

2011 “Young Artist Group Exhibition” ,NTUA , National Taiwan

2011 “National Taiwan crafts Award Exhibition”, Taipei/Kaohsiung ,National Taiwan

2011 “Fashion Tableware Design Group Exhibition” ,National Taiwan

2010 “GEISAI TAIWAN Fine Art Exhibition” , National Taiwan

2010 “Parson Fabric Textile Group Exhibition” , National Taiwan

2010 ”Mix nuts group Exhibition” ,NTUA , Banciao , National Taiwan

2009 National Taiwan craft research and development institute workshop of enamel, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, National Taiwan.

2009 “New generation Design award Exhibition” , National Taiwan